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Take your practice to the next level!

You likely came into this space because you see a future where we can all experience deeper levels of wellness.

You wanted to “help” people. To hone skills and practices that you could bring into your clients lives and activate new possibilities for them. But as we enter the world of becoming a practitioner, eager to put our new skills and new technologies to the test and to move energy for people, even our best efforts don’t always stick.  


Most often we work with someone who reports a problem, say sleep disruptions, and we dig into trying to relieve this issue.  As Genius users, you have been taught to address specific problems with bundles of frequencies.  So if your best friend has trouble sleeping, you open your Sleep libraries and you send them an export of what is showing.  This is incredibly powerful work!  As you know!  But your friend comes back to you a week later and says, that worked for me for a few days, but last night I didn't sleep!  


This pattern can lead you feeling frustrated and it can leave your clients feeling like what you do is good but it isn't really working for them.  This is because when we work at this level, we are doing what we call restorative energy work.  That means we are helping in the moment to restore balance in our clients energy field leaving them feeling more grounded, at ease, and often feeling better from whatever symptom they were experiencing.  


This is an important part of the process.  We need to help our clients to feel better!  At this level, we are doing very similar work to reiki practitioners, most acupuncturists, and most energy modalities in general.  But it is only half of the picture.  


The other half is to work deeper, at every level of the imbalance, and help our clients to change the underlying patterns, behaviors, beliefs, emotions, and thoughts that created the imbalance in the first place.   To work at this deeper level, we are working in a way that we call the Alchemical Process, diving deep into the issues that the client is experiencing, and helping them to transmute that energy from something like lead to a true transformation into gold.  


There is a time and a place for BOTH practices.  We need restorative work!  But the real gift we can offer our clients is to help them understand themselves more deeply, to see themselves as a holistic being of spirit, mind, emotion, feelings, and physiology.  When our clients can begin to know themselves this deeply, they can find alignment with their true purpose, their full joy, their abundance and their vitality.  This is a tremendous gift!  


Throughout this course, you will learn: 

  • How to recognize these deeper patterns and how to help you clients heal on all levels. 

  • An understanding of the different archetypes that guide these energies and how they relate to the mind, the emotions, and the body. 

  • Ways for you harmonize these imbalances and help your client to truly transform.

  • The necessary framework to elevate your skillset to create lasting change.


This course is for Genius practitioners only.


You’ll receive:


  • 20 weeks of a combination of live and self guided course work

  • 10 Live classes

  • Full recordings of classes to revisit 

  • Live guided practice sessions

  • Genius libraries to support the process

  • Handouts, protocols, and flowcharts

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Free access to our course Intro to Energy Medicine!




 $1222 payment plans available.  

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