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Do you feel like your clients get stuck in the same narrative loop and can't move forward? You know that the tools you are using to assist them are good, but once they’re out of your sessions something doesn’t “click.” Do you sometimes feel like you just don't know what to do next?

We hear all the time that we can co-create our future. We hear that affirmations are powerful. We hear that we can use the power of our minds to change our lives. This is ALL true!  But there is so much more to it than thinking happier thoughts, or just visualizing a better, healthier version of ourselves.

The process of making truly sustainable changes is complicated.  It involves conscious thoughts like visualizations and affirmations of course, but the truth is that is only 5% of our actual thoughts in a day.  That means that 95% of our day is being created by our unconscious minds, and we are probably completely unaware of these thoughts, emotions, and patterns.

As coaches, we are trained to ask the right questions, to help our clients see these unconscious patterns,  But even if we help our clients to become aware of these thoughts, beliefs, and patterns, that is only the first step to making a true change.  True change is complicated, it involves awareness, neurology, emotional wisdom, and behavioral changes.  And this can be a difficult road for our clients.  And because of this, our clients can often end up stuck.

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But when we combine the right question, with a few simple energy techniques to help our clients move the energy, the results can be...well, miraculous.  And when we understand how these thoughts, emotions, and feelings are related to bigger more predictable energy patterns, we can help our clients go deeper.  We can help them truly release their past, reclaim their power, and begin to co-create their future.  

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In my work, I call this the ReWilding process.  And it is the MOST rewarding work we can do!  I would love to help you add the skill set to move energy at the right time and in the right way.  If you are ready to take your practice to the next level, register now!  Our next Cohort begins in March 2024.  

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