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NeuroCohesion™ is a state of being in resonance with our true self and in balance with the cycles and connection of the energy around us.  Based in neuroscience, energy medicine, and the Classical Chinese 5 Elements, NeuroCohesion™ seeks to understand imbalances at the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical levels and restore homeostasis so that the body can heal itself.

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If you are here, it is because YOU are a CHANGE-AGENT!  

You have had the undeniable call to help others and you are drawn to different modalities, books, and classes that can help you best SERVE your clients (or friends and family).

You have a GIFT.  You don't just give advice or healing sessions, you help others to discover the answers within themselves, empowering them, and creating true TRANSFORMATION!



Your are CURIOUS!

And this has led you on a path of personal growth and spiritual seeking, all of which has helped you to serve even better.

You have a LOT of knowledge but sometimes you feel overwhelmed on how to put it together in a cohesive way.

Maybe you have been coaching for a long time or have practiced different modalities but you are curious about getting deeper, more sustainable results.  Your clients may get stuck or you may feel like you are missing something.


Or maybe you are just STARTING your journey as a practitioner and you want a modality that is all inclusive, that will give you the depth of knowledge that you need as well as the skill set to help your potential clients. 

Whether you have been working with your clients for a while or you are just starting out, NeuroCohesion™ was developed to help deepen your understanding of the science of alchemy, how our brain works, and how we can combine ENERGY MEDICINE with the AHA moment to create true


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Ancient Wisdom

By understanding the movement of energy at the physical, emotional, mental and supramental level we can help to understand the patterns of stresses that cause disease, allowing the body to find health, harmony, and healing on all levels.

Modern Technology

NeuroCohesion™ is a blend of deep understanding of energy systems, neural pathways, and archetypes and their patterns combined with cutting-edge technologies that help monitor, measure, and create the right environment to maximize our potential.


Thanks largely in part to the research of Lynn McTaggert, we know the infinite and miraculous possibilities of group healing.  When we combine technology and wisdom with community healing we amplify the healing effect both for the client and for the group.  Learn to use NeuroCohesion™ protocols to work with individuals AND groups.


Don't just take my word for it!  Here is what other practitioners are saying!

I’ve been an Acupuncturist & Chinese Herbalist for 21 years and a Brain Health Certified Professional for 5 years.  Laura’s NeuroCohesion class has been enlightening and deepened my quantum physics and quantum biofeedback experience, knowledge, and skill set.  Laura’s professional experience and never ending quest for knowledge and understanding in this arena has given her a unique perspective on healing.  She is a FUN and entertaining teacher and walks her talk.  I highly recommend this class to anyone who is wanting to make a deeper lasting impact with their clients.  It doesn’t matter if you know Chinese medicine or not, she will get you up to speed with the highlights enough to take you deep into the quantum biofeedback world.  Laura’s ability to integrate between modalities and worlds is a rare find these days with so many surface treating modalities.  Take the time to invest in yourself in taking her class.  You and your clients will thank you. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              ~Whitney N., Floyd, VA


Healing is the return of the memory of wholeness from the

fragmented mind to the whole mind

~Deepak Chopra


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