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5 Elements +
Human Design +
Alchemical Process =


Welcome to the transformative journey of NeuroCohesion™ Practitioner Training Level 1, where ancient wisdom meets modern methodologies to empower you professionally and elevate the experiences of your clients.

As you embark on this comprehensive training program, you're not just acquiring new skills; you're facilitating profound transformations in the lives of your clients. 

Through the integration of Human Design and the Alchemical Process, you'll unlock new dimensions in your coaching and energy practices. Armed with a deeper understanding of these methodologies, you'll offer your clients a unique, personalized approach that resonates with their individual needs and aspirations.


Stand Out in Your Field: 


In a competitive landscape, differentiation is key.  By incorporating Human Design into your sessions, you'll stand out as a beacon of expertise and innovation. Clients will be drawn to your unique approach, recognizing the transformative potential of your sessions.


Attract a New Segment of Clients: 


 Your expertise in Human Design will attract a new segment of clients seeking personalized and holistic experiences. As word spreads about your unique approach, you'll connect with individuals who resonate deeply with your ability to

guide them towards self-discovery and growth, expanding your client base and impact.

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Getting Started

Embark on your journey to becoming a skilled practitioner with NeuroCohesion™ Practitioner Training Level 1. We understand that practitioners come from diverse backgrounds and bring unique skill sets to their practice. That's why we offer three distinct pathways, tailored to meet the needs of coaches, energetic kinesiology practitioners, and Genius Biofeedback practitioners.

Balancing Rocks


As a coach, you're intimately familiar with the challenges your clients face when they find themselves stuck in old patterns. They crave tangible tools to break free and move forward. NeuroCohesion™ Practitioner Training Level 1 offers you just that: a practical toolkit rooted in energetic and nervous system modalities. By integrating Human Design, the 5 Elements, and the Alchemical Process, you'll gain actionable insights into guiding your clients through transformative shifts. From helping them understand their energy dynamics to supporting nervous system regulation, NeuroCohesion™ equips you to lead your clients towards tangible results and lasting change.

Energetic Kinesiologists and Practitioners

As an Energetic Kinesiologist, you're adept at navigating the subtle energies of the body to facilitate healing. However, your clients often require more than just energetic adjustments—they need holistic solutions to break free from entrenched patterns. NeuroCohesion™ Practitioner Training Level 1 offers you a comprehensive approach, merging the wisdom of Human Design, the 5 Elements, and the Alchemical Process with your existing expertise. With NeuroCohesion™, you'll gain access to flowcharts and protocols that enhance your practice, providing structured guidance for profound healing and transformation. From identifying energetic blockages to implementing targeted interventions, NeuroCohesion™ empowers you to address the root causes of imbalance, guiding your clients towards optimal health and vitality.

Genius Practitioners

Discover the transformative potential of the Genius Practitioner pathway within NeuroCohesion™ Practitioner Training Level 1. This specialized track integrates a holistic healing system that harnesses the power of Genius Libraries alongside The Evolution Compass, serving as a roadmap for applying Human Design and the Gene Keys in alchemical practices. Designed for practitioners experienced in Genius Biofeedback technology, this pathway explores the seamless integration of biofeedback sessions with energy work, unlocking profound insights into the human psyche. Through NeuroCohesion™ principles, Genius Practitioners gain a deeper understanding of energetic dynamics and learn to optimize biofeedback sessions for holistic healing and transformation.

NeuroCohesion is more than just a course; it's a fusion of ancient knowledge and contemporary practices designed to align your mind, body, and spirit. Discover the essence of NeuroCohesion and how it can empower you to unlock your true potential.  In NeuroCohesion™ 1 you will learn:

Working Alchemically: The Art of Embodiment

Learn the art of alchemy as applied to the self. Uncover the transformative power of energy medicine and delve into the alchemical process of self-discovery and healing.

Energy Medicine

Discover the profound impact of energy medicine on your holistic well-being. Explore techniques such as Energy Corrections, EFT, Neurovascular Holds, Essences, and Genius Biofeedback to harmonize your energy system.

The Evolution Compass

Navigate the intricate pathways of self-awareness with the Evolution Compass. Understand the elements of the compass as an archetypal guide to your being, purpose, and prosperity.


Human Design and the Gene Keys

Unlock the secrets of your unique design with Human Design and the Gene Keys. Explore the anatomy of the charts, decode the archetypes within, and begin the journey to unravel the pathways to self-realization.


The Elemental Journey

Embark on a journey through the elemental forces that shape existence:

- The Creator: Water Element
- The Luminary: Wood Element
- The Magician: Fire Element
- The Guardian: Earth Element
- The Alchemist: Metal Element

Explore the alchemy of each element, uncovering their archetypes, imbalances, and harmonizing practices.

The Curriculum

NeuroCohesion™ Level 1

How will NeuroCohesion help my clients?

  • Deeper Self-Understanding: With your guidance, clients delve into their unique Human Design blueprint, unveiling hidden truths and fostering increased self-awareness and personal growth.

  • Improved Relationships: Beyond individual discovery, NeuroCohesion™ principles foster empathy, compassion, and understanding, enriching personal and professional relationships as clients comprehend their own and others' designs.

  • Enhanced Decision-Making Abilities: Equipped with insights from Human Design, clients approach decisions with clarity and confidence, aligning choices with their authentic selves for greater fulfillment in all aspects of life.

  • Regulated Nervous System: Clients experience a regulated nervous system, fostering resilience and well-being in the face of life's challenges.

  • Holistic Health: Understanding mental, emotional, and physical patterns relative to individual archetypes empowers the creation of tailored health plans, promoting harmony and wellness.

  • Prosperity and Abundance:  Alignment with one's Human Design unlocks innate purpose, attracting health, wellness, and abundance in life, creating a magnetic resonance with prosperity.

How do classes work?

Our next cohorts for Level 1 and 2 kick off in April 2024


Here is how it works:

  • We will combine self-guided online course materials with live Zoom classes.

  • All classes will be recorded and posted in the classroom within 24 hours.

  • Classroom:  All students will meet for the Classroom Curriculum (ie, the bi-weekly Live classroom learning).

  • Lab:  The individual pathways (coaches, kinesiologists, Genius Practitioners) will have access to exclusive groups with additional training videos specific to their modalities, a community space for support and practice, and modality-specific resources.  

Level 1:  Live classes will be held every other Friday at 12:00 pm EST

starting April 12th-Sept 13th. 

NeuroCohesion™ Practitioner Training Includes

12 Live classes

  • Full recordings of classes to revisit 

  • Live guided practice sessions

  • Genius Biofeedback libraries to support the process

  • Handouts, protocols, and flowcharts

  • Free access to our course Intro to Energy Medicine!

  • 3 Payments of $474

When is the next Cohort?

Purple Skies

Are you ready to empower yourself and your clients with the transformative potential of ancient wisdom and modern application? Join us for NeuroCohesion™ Practitioner Training Level 1 – where true transformation begins.

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