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Are you ready to create true transformation?

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In ancient Chinese traditions, the world was observed through nature and the patterns of the universe as a way of understanding ourselves more deeply, both on the spiritual and the physical levels.

This led to the development of an archetypal system called the 5 Elements, which help us to understand how energy moves throughout nature and the universe, but also within ourselves.  It helps us to define the timing of our days, our years, and our entire lifetime.   

These perceptions guide how we think, how we move emotion, and how we feel.  

Through NeuroCohesion™, we will look at each of the elemental archetypes closely, learn the neural pathways associated with them, the emotional tendencies, and feelings.  We will learn how certain physical symptoms are related to these archetypes and thought patterns.

Understanding our archetypes help us to understand ourselves more deeply,
which helps us to answer our 3 big questions in life.

Who am I?  What is my Purpose? Who will I become?

When we understand ourselves this deeply, on the spiritual, archetypal, mental, emotional, and physical levels, we can better understand how we relate to others and the world around us.  

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Ancient Wisdom

By understanding the movement of energy at the physical, emotional, mental and supramental level we can help to understand the patterns of stresses that create disruptions, allowing the body to find health, harmony, and healing on all levels.

Modern Technology

NeuroCohesion™ is a blend of deep understanding of energy systems, neural pathways, and archetypes and their patterns combined with cutting-edge technologies that help monitor, measure, and create the right environment to maximize our potential.


Thanks largely in part to the research of Lynn McTaggert, we know the infinite and miraculous possibilities of group healing.  When we combine technology and wisdom with community healing we amplify the healing effect both for the client and for the group.  Learn to use NeuroCohesion™ protocols to work with individuals AND groups.

We will work with

  • Foundations and Science of Energy Medicine

  • 5 Bodies of Consciousness

    • Physical, emotional, mental, supramental, bliss​

  • 5 Elements

    • wood, fire, earth, metal, water​

  • Archetypes, beliefs, perceptions

  • Neuroanatomy and physiology

  • Quantum Biofeedback and other healing modalities and tools.  

For each element, we will learn the archetypes of the element, how the questions, core beliefs, and perceptions lead to certain thoughts (and neural pathways), emotions, and feelings.  We will work with energy frequencies that can help to bring these archetypes back into balance.

This training will come with all of the Genius Biofeedback libraries needed to practice. 

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Are you ready to EMPOWER your clients, help them to maximize their POTENTIAL, and create true TRANSFORMATION in their lives?

Our next cohort begins in 2023!

We will combine self-guided online course materials with live Zoom classes.

All classes will be recorded and posted in the classroom within 24 hours

NeuroCohesion™ Practitioner Training includes:

All course materials and live classes

Downloadable pdfs of all lessons

Complimentary energy modalities

Flowcharts and protocols

Genius Biofeedback users will get all accompanying libraries!

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Curious to learn more?

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