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Welcome to NeuroCohesion™, where ancient wisdom meets modern understanding. In our journey of self-discovery, we draw inspiration from ancient Chinese traditions that observed the world through the lens of nature and universal patterns. These insights birthed the profound system of the 5 Elements, offering a profound map for understanding energy flows in nature, the cosmos, and within ourselves.

What is

5 Elements +
Human Design +
Alchemical Coaching

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Embedded within our subconscious lie archetypes, the fundamental blueprints guiding our existence. They shape our beliefs, perceptions, emotions, and even our physiology, yet often remain veiled until unveiled through life's interactions. Like a sacred puzzle, these archetypes weave through the fabric of our lives, influencing our every thought and action.

Enter NeuroCohesion™—a transformative blend of techniques designed to unlock the mysteries of our subconscious. Through aligning with optimal brainwave states, posing profound inquiries, and keenly observing our responses, we delve into the depths of our being. By understanding the intricate dance of archetypes, thoughts, emotions, and energies—the Alchetypes—we unlock the potential for profound healing and transformation.

But our exploration doesn't end there. We integrate the profound insights of Human Design, a system that illuminates our unique energetic blueprint and cosmic purpose. By weaving together the ancient wisdom of the 5 Elements with the modern insights of Human Design, NeuroCohesion™ offers a holistic approach to harmonizing our inner landscapes and manifesting our fullest potentials.

Join us in this alchemical journey where ancient wisdom meets cutting-edge science, and where true transformation awaits. Embrace the key to unlocking your deepest truths and stepping into a life of alignment, purpose, and cohesion.

This course is for anyone interested in learning more about working with energy and how it can help us to heal, but it is specifically relevant for coaches, counselors, wellness practitioners and energy practitioners.

Who is
NeuroCohesion™ for?

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Ancient Wisdom

By understanding the movement of energy at the physical, emotional, mental and supramental level we can help to understand the patterns of stresses that create disruptions, allowing the body to find health, harmony, and healing on all levels.

Modern Technology

NeuroCohesion™ is a blend of deep understanding of energy systems, neural pathways, and archetypes and their patterns combined with cutting-edge technologies that help monitor, measure, and create the right environment to maximize our potential.


Thanks largely in part to the research of Lynn McTaggert, we know the infinite and miraculous possibilities of group healing.  When we combine technology and wisdom with community healing we amplify the healing effect both for the client and for the group.  Learn to use NeuroCohesion™ protocols to work with individuals AND groups.

Are you ready to EMPOWER your clients, help them to maximize their POTENTIAL, and create true TRANSFORMATION in their lives?

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NeuroCohesion Level 1

  • Introduction to the Alchetypes

  • Introduction to the Alchemical Process

  • Human Design basics and key understandings

  • Learn how energy moves within these cycles and why that is important to overall health.

  • Learn how to recognize these imbalances.

  • Learn basic techniques to rebalance and harmonize these energies

  • Work one on one for deeper integration and understanding

NeuroCohesion Level 2

  • Further understand the spiritual relationship with each Alchetype

  • Embodiment of Human Design and how to work with the chart for holistic health

  • Learn to integrate the Alchemical Process with Human Design

  • Learn the associated neural pathways

  • Learn the relationship between the neural pathways and the emotional and physical responses.

  • Learn advanced techniques for balancing mental, emotional, and physical responses to imbalances


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