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5 Elements +
Human Design +
Alchemical Process =


Welcome to NeuroCohesion Level 2, where we embark on a deeper exploration of the interconnected realms of coaching, energy practices, and personal transformation. In this journey, we'll build upon the foundational knowledge gained in Level 1 and delve into the intricate dynamics of Human Design and its integration with the Alchemical Process. Through a series of immersive experiences and practical applications, you'll discover new insights, develop advanced skills, and unlock the transformative potential within yourself and your clients.

Let's Go Deeper

Pathways and Potentials of the Gates
A pivotal aspect of our exploration in Level 2 is the introduction to Gene Keys and Human Design. We'll unravel the mysteries of Human Design, understanding its core concepts, including Centers, chakras, and working with the Gates.  Delving deeper, we'll explore why Human Design matters in the realm of coaching and energy practices, recognizing its potential to illuminate the path toward self-discovery and personal empowerment.

Breaking Down the Elements:
Our journey continues as we dissect each Element—Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water—to uncover its unique essence and influence. Through an in-depth exploration of neural pathways, emotions, meridians, and physiology, we'll gain profound insights into the intricate interplay between elemental energy and human consciousness.

Integrating Human Design with the Alchemical Process:
In this segment, we bridge the realms of Human Design and the Alchemical Process, exploring synergies and pathways for integration. We'll develop protocols and pathways for incorporating Human Design principles into our coaching sessions, leveraging assessments to align with clients' unique design and facilitate transformative experiences.

Practical Applications and Case Studies:
Throughout our journey, we'll ground theoretical knowledge into practical applications through real-life case studies and experiential exercises. Through group discussions and interactive sessions, we'll deepen our understanding of Human Design and the Alchemical Process, honing our skills as practitioners and agents of change.

The Curriculum

NeuroCohesion™ Level 2

How will NeuroCohesion help my clients?

Understanding Core Challenges and Patterns:
With the Evolution Compass, clients gain deep insights into limiting beliefs and recurring patterns. Through Human Design, Gene Keys, and the Alchemical Process, practitioners help unravel subconscious barriers, empowering clients to unleash their full potential.

Unlocking Life Purpose and Authentic Expression:
Guided by practitioners versed in Human Design and the Alchemical Process, clients uncover their life purpose and authentic selves. Aligning with innate gifts, clients embark on a fulfilling journey, living in harmony with their essence.

Navigating Relationships with Clarity and Empathy:
Clients navigate relationships with clarity and empathy. Using Human Design and the Alchemical Process, practitioners decipher relational dynamics, fostering deeper connections and harmonious interactions.

Creating Holistic Health through Archetypes and the Mind/Body Connection:
By exploring the relationship between the archetypes of your clients' design and the mind/body connection of the 5 Elements, practitioners facilitate holistic health. Integrating insights from Human Design and the Alchemical Process, clients discover patterns affecting mental, emotional, and physical well-being, fostering harmony and vitality across all aspects of life.

Cultivating Resilience and Emotional Mastery:
Through Human Design and the Alchemical Process, clients cultivate resilience and emotional intelligence. Practitioners guide clients in understanding emotions, empowering them to navigate challenges with grace.

Embodying Authenticity and Self-Expression:
Clients embody authenticity and self-expression. Through transformative guidance, clients embrace their identity, living in alignment with values and purpose, inspiring authenticity in others.

How do classes work?

Our next cohort for Level 2 kicks off in April 2024


Here is how it works:

  • We will combine self-guided online course materials with live Zoom classes.

  • All classes will be recorded and posted in the classroom within 24 hours.

  • Classroom:  All students will meet for the Classroom Curriculum (ie, the bi-weekly Live classroom learning).

  • Lab:  The individual pathways (coaches, kinesiologists, Genius Practitioners) will have access to exclusive groups with additional training videos specific to their modalities, a community space for support and practice, and modality-specific resources.  

When is the next Cohort?

Level 2:  Live classes will be held every other Monday at 12:00 pm EST

starting April 8th-Sept th. 

NeuroCohesion™ Practitioner Training Includes

12 Live classes

  • Full recordings of classes to revisit 

  • Live guided practice sessions

  • Genius Biofeedback libraries to support the process

  • Handouts, protocols, and flowcharts

  • Free access to our course Intro to Energy Medicine!

  • 3 Payments of $474

Mountainous Region

Are you ready to empower yourself and your clients with the transformative potential of ancient wisdom and modern application? Join us for NeuroCohesion™ Practitioner Training Level 2 – where true transformation begins.

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