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So you are a
Fire  Type

Warm     Empathetic    
         Joyful     Exuberant

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The Fire Type

What do you think about when you think about Fire?  Maybe it’s warmth, maybe it’s movement, maybe it’s alchemy, maybe it’s Marvin Gaye.  Fire is the spark, the flame and the dying ember. The movement of fire is to flicker outward and is the energy of summer, of our relationships, of creativity, and it is also the energy of our spirituality.  This is the energy of spontaneous expansion so that we can show up as our full selves and create authentic connection.    

We are a combination of all of the Elements

Our elemental archetype helps to guide how we think, how we experience emotions, and how we feel.  When we understand our element, it helps us to know who we are, what our purpose is, and who we will become.   

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When we are in harmony with our archetypes, we feel invigorated, energized, vibrant, creative, expansive, and joyful.

Our relationships are more harmonious, our life is more fulfilling, we attract more opportunity and more abundance.

Understanding the patterns of the archetypes can help us to create this balance for ourselves and for our clients.  

If you are a healer, energy practitioner, intuitive, or life coach, NeuroCohesion™ is a way to help heal yourself and

deepen your practice. 

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