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Discover the Power of Holistic Biofeedback for Superior Client Results!

Transform Your Practice with Advanced Holistic Biofeedback Techniques

Integrate 5-Element Work Seamlessly into Your Practice!

Are you an established practitioner feeling stuck in your current practice? Do you want to offer more comprehensive care but aren't sure how to integrate holistic methods? The NeuroCohesion® Practitioner Training Level 1 online course is your solution. 

Transform Client Outcomes with NeuroCohesion Training!

Comprehensive Training

Learn advanced holistic biofeedback techniques based on 5-Element work.

Client Retention

Discover strategies to enhance client satisfaction and improve retention rates.

Competitive Edge:  

Differentiate your practice by offering unique, integrative approaches to care.

Enhanced Client Outcomes:  

Provide superior results with advanced biofeedback methods.

Seamless Integration:  

Incorporate holistic techniques effortlessly into your existing practice.​​


Professional Growth:  

Expand your expertise and stay ahead in the biofeedback field.​


Increased Client Trust:  

Build stronger relationships with clients through comprehensive care.​


Clinic Transformation:  

Turn your practice into a thriving center of excellence.


Holistic Mastery:

Gain in-depth knowledge and skills in 5-Element biofeedback.​


Business Growth:  Attract new clients and elevate your clinic’s reputation and success.

Mountaineous Landscape

Imagine transforming your biofeedback practice into a beacon of holistic healing and unparalleled client satisfaction. With the NeuroCohesion® Practitioner Training Level 1, you’ll seamlessly integrate advanced 5 Element-based biofeedback techniques, offering your clients a unique and comprehensive approach to wellness. This isn’t just about adding new tools to your toolkit; it’s about revolutionizing your practice, attracting new clients, and dramatically improving retention rates. Picture a thriving clinic where clients not only achieve their health goals but become lifelong advocates for your services. This is the transformation awaiting you with NeuroCohesion®.

As an established practitioner, you’ve already laid a strong foundation. Now, it’s time to build upon it with proven techniques that yield tangible results. Our NeuroCohesion® Practitioner Training Level 1 has empowered countless practitioners to elevate their practice. By mastering these advanced techniques, practitioners have reported a 40% increase in client retention rates and a significant boost in client satisfaction. Your expertise, combined with our cutting-edge training, positions you as a leader in holistic biofeedback, capable of delivering transformative health outcomes.


Let me tell you a story...

Smiling Woman
from one of our practitioners
 Two weeks ago an old friend called me to see if I could help her friends daughter.  The girl is 13 and having serious mental issues, she has been extremely depressed. They have taken her to many doctors and have spent a week at a time being evaluated, and nothing has helped. Her mom is also extremely depressed to the point where she hasn’t even wanted to get out of bed. My friend asked me if I could help them...
I just got this text from her Mom
Good morning ladies! I just dropped my daughter off at school after taking her to her therapist and I'm sitting in the car in tears. Something definitely is helping and I wanted you both to know that I am and will be forever grateful for what you both are doing. She was smiling. We had a good conversation on the way to her therapy and back from her therapy to her school and right now at the end as I dropped her off, she smiled at me and said "I love you mom" but I have not seen her smile or heard those things in a long time. 

All with your Divine NeuroCohesion!


Janie~Genius Practitioner, NeuroCohesion® Practitioner

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Imagine having the ability to transform your practice into a thriving center of comprehensive care with unparalleled client outcomes. But here's the catch: the next enrollment for NeuroCohesion® Practitioner Training Level 1 is limited to just 20 practitioners.


                                  Why such a small number?


Because we believe in quality over quantity, ensuring each participant gets personalized guidance and support. Enrollment opens in just a few days, and with the high demand, these spots will fill up in no time. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this exclusive opportunity to revolutionize your practice.

Here's the deal: When you enroll in NeuroCohesion®

Level 1, you'll gain access to a transformative online course designed specifically for established practitioners. This course will empower you to integrate advanced holistic biofeedback techniques into your practice seamlessly.


For a limited time, we're offering an exclusive early-bird discount of 15% off the regular price.

Plus, you'll get access to three bonus modules on advanced client retention strategies and a private community of like-minded practitioners. This is your chance to elevate your practice and stand out in the competitive field of biofeedback.

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By enrolling in the NeuroCohesion® Practitioner Training Level 1, you'll unlock a treasure trove of features and benefits. Firstly, you'll master advanced holistic biofeedback techniques based on the 5 Element work, giving you a distinct competitive edge. You'll also learn how to integrate these techniques into your existing practice, enhancing client outcomes and satisfaction. Imagine your clients experiencing faster, more comprehensive results, leading to higher retention rates. This transformation will not only rejuvenate your practice but also establish you as a leading authority in holistic biofeedback, attracting a steady stream of new clients.

NeuroCohesion® is more than just a course; it's a fusion of ancient knowledge and contemporary practices designed to align your mind, body, and spirit. Discover the essence of NeuroCohesion® and how it can empower you to unlock your true potential.  In NeuroCohesion® 1 you will learn:

The Elemental Journey

Embark on a journey through the elemental forces that shape existence:

- The Creator: Water Element
- The Luminary: Wood Element
- The Magician: Fire Element
- The Guardian: Earth Element
- The Alchemist: Metal Element

Explore the alchemy of each element, uncovering their archetypes, imbalances, and harmonizing practices.


Working Alchemically: The Art of Embodiment

Learn how the Elements can help us to go deeper, to understand the language of our body, our beliefs, our patterns, and our conditioning, and how we can use that knowledge to create alchemy.

The Evolution Compass

Navigate the intricate pathways of self-awareness with your clients with the Evolution Compass. Understand the elements of the compass as an archetypal guide to your client's being, purpose, and prosperity.


Introduction to Human Design and the Gene Keys

Unlock the secrets of your client's unique design with Human Design and the Gene Keys. Explore the anatomy of the charts, decode the archetypes within, and begin the journey to unravel the pathways to self-realization.

The Curriculum

NeuroCohesion® Level 1

NeuroCohesion® Practitioner Training Includes

12 Live classes

  • Full recordings of classes to revisit 

  • Live guided practice sessions

  • Genius Biofeedback libraries to support the process

  • Handouts, protocols, and flowcharts

  • Free access to our course Intro to Energy Medicine!


in the NeuroCohesion® Practitioner Training Level 1, you will receive exclusive access to our Members-Only Community, where you can connect with other practitioners, share insights, and gain valuable support.


Additionally, you'll receive a complimentary 30 minute coaching session with me, where we will delve into personalized strategies to integrate the 5 Elements into your practice.


Lastly, we are including a downloadable toolkit packed with resources, worksheets, and cheat sheets to help you implement these advanced techniques effortlessly. These bonuses are designed to provide you with ongoing support and ensure your success.

As a special bonus for enrolling

Normally, the NeuroCohesion® Practitioner Training Level 1 is available for a one-time investment of $1422 but we are offering it right now for just $1209 or 3 monthly payments of $403!!


Consider this: the advanced holistic techniques you'll master will not only elevate your practice but also significantly improve client outcomes and satisfaction. This translates into higher client retention rates and increased referrals, ultimately boosting your income. The value of the training, combined with the exclusive bonuses, far outweighs the cost. We’ve designed this program to be an investment in your professional growth, ensuring that you see a tangible return through the enhanced success of your practice.

Zen Stones
Hand Embrace

I understand the challenges you face as an established biofeedback practitioner. You want to offer your clients more comprehensive care, but integrating new techniques can seem daunting. You’re looking for ways to stand out in a crowded market and improve client retention. That’s why NeuroCohesion® Practitioner Training Level 1 is designed specifically for you. We’ve tailored this program to address your needs, providing advanced techniques that are easy to integrate into your practice.

Join the ranks of elite practitioners and elevate your biofeedback practice with NeuroCohesion® Practitioner Training Level 1. Don’t miss this opportunity to master advanced holistic techniques that will set you apart from the competition. Click the 'Enroll Now' button below to start your journey towards a more successful and fulfilling practice. Your clients deserve the best, and with NeuroCohesion®, you can deliver transformative results that will keep them coming back. Invest in yourself and your practice today. Click 'Enroll Now' to get started!

Support Group

Time is of the essence!

Our NeuroCohesion® Practitioner Training Level 1 course is filling up fast, and we only have a limited number of spots available. This exclusive training is designed to provide personalized attention and support, ensuring you get the most out of the program. Don’t miss out on the chance to revolutionize your practice and achieve unparalleled success. Act now to secure your spot and start experiencing the benefits of advanced holistic biofeedback techniques. Enroll today before it's too late!

High Fives

As a special thank you for joining our NeuroCohesion® Practitioner Training Level 1 course, we’re excited to offer you an exclusive bonus! Enroll today and receive a FREE one-on-one coaching session with one of our expert instructors. This personalized session will provide you with tailored guidance and support to help you implement the advanced techniques you've learned and ensure your success. This bonus offer is only available for a limited time, so don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity. Enroll now to claim your free coaching session!

Ready to take your biofeedback practice to the next level? Click the 'Enroll Now' button below to secure your spot in the NeuroCohesion® Practitioner Training Level 1 course. Our comprehensive training will equip you with the skills and knowledge to transform your practice and achieve outstanding client outcomes. Don’t wait – this is your chance to make a significant impact in the world of holistic healing. Click 'Enroll Now' and begin your journey towards becoming a master practitioner today!

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