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Forest Trees

So you are a    Wood Type...

Confident    Powerful   
                Assertive    Determined

The Wood Type

When we think of wood, we often think of trees and their incredible ability to root deeply into the earth and to reach tall into the heavens and dance in the breeze. Wood is the tree, the roots, the trunk and the branches, and it is also a resource we can use, and the kindling for our fire. Associated with spring, wood energy is the release of the coiled energy it takes to break through winter, shooting upwards towards the sky, as well as the energy needed to root downward and stabilize. This is the energy of new beginnings, the ability to see our way, the stable quality of inner knowing that keeps us firmly on the path. Here we plan, organize, motivate, and reach forward into our future while staying firmly rooted in the present moment and our truth.

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We are a combination of all of the Elements

Our elemental archetype helps to guide how we think, how we experience emotions, and how we feel.  When we understand our element, it helps us to know who we are, what our purpose is, and who we will become.   

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When we are in harmony with our archetypes, we feel invigorated, energized, vibrant, creative, expansive, and joyful.

Our relationships are more harmonious, our life is more fulfilling, we attract more opportunity and more abundance.

Understanding the patterns of the archetypes can help us to create this balance for ourselves and for our clients.  

If you are a healer, energy practitioner, intuitive, or life coach, NeuroCohesion™ is a way to help heal yourself and

deepen your practice. 

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