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The NeuroCohesion Practitioners
Guide to "Doing" Business

We see you, you fabulous human helping others!  We see that you are a gifted healer and coach!  But you might need a little more help on the business end...Don't worry, we gotcha! 


This is a 6-month program designed to help you fully launch your practice.  We will look at your business from the 5 Bodies of Consciousness and make sure you are fully aligned and ready with all the tools and techniques to increase your client base, glow up your reach, and magnetize that money! 

Business Fundamentals

We all need a starting place.  Some of us have an established practice and some of us don't even know where to start.  Let's get the foundation right so we can build the sustainable business of your dreams. 


This is where we can get sucked into hours of wasted time.  Let's get your branding/marketing straight and streamline your process!

Growing Your Worth

This starts with you!  How you percieve what you are worth will directly affect how you set boundaries, create programs, and charge for your services.  Let's get you right with the money!!

Designing a Program or Group

You have heard me say it, working with groups is the future of healing.  Let's learn to do that successfully and get people to sign up for all of the goodness you have to offer!

Building Your Following

Whether or not you choose to do social media, podcasts, blogs, vlogs, newsletters or just knock from door to door, knowing how to get people to want to interact with you is key to your success.  We will look at all the ways you can build your list of potential clients and how to engage them!

1:1 Coaching

This program is designed to help you align with your Soul purpose and wildest desires.  Sometimes we need a little extra special attention.  With this program you will get 2 1-hour coaching sessions where we can dive in and get REAL specific about what you need and how to get it!

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What others are saying...

Working with Laura, I was able to finally stop my self-sabotage and get out there and "do the damn thing" as she likes to say.  Her business consulting helped me go from floundering to flourishing!  

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